Do You Sell Online?

My preference is that we do not. There are many reasons I could give but all relate to the idea that purchasing quality fine jewelry is a personal experience.

Each piece is as unique as the person for whom it is intended. As a practical matter, it would be impossible and extremely expensive for us to anticipate everyone's ideal jewelry piece. We only make jewelry to a buyer's exact specifications.

The quality of fine jewelry should always be the buyer's first concern. The honesty, reputation, and competence of the seller should follow that first concern. These things are impossible to know online.

My preference is to meet with you, to speak with you, and to get to know you. I want you to know that you will be purchasing the finest quality.

I live and work in Marin County, California. If you are in the San Francisco-Marin County area, contact me for an appointment. I would love to help you with your FirstGem Planned Purchase.

Here are some things to think about as you plan a purchase.

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