The FirstGem Collection

Timeless and classic designs that reflect a woman's forward motion -- when she wants her jewelry to be seen and to leave an impression.

The fine jewelry of the FirstGem Collection has been selected for its exquisite quality in gold, diamonds, colored gemstones, and craftsmanship. These pieces are my personal favorites.

Some pieces of the Collection reveal timeless and classic designs brought into contemporary and modern settings.

Other pieces of the Collection step beyond traditional designs, guided by today's fashions, to reveal different visions of how precious metal and fine gems can be assembled for the simple sake of visual beauty.

They are expressions of this time, of this moment.

The magic of the FirstGem Collection emerges when you find yourself with others in the evening, at a dinner in a fine restaurant, at the theatre, anywhere there will be light and friends and laughter.

I welcome your comments and your questions regarding planned purchases of FirstGem Collection pieces. Inquiries from the trade are also welcome. Send them by email to Jennifer Praditamas at FirstGem. Or call.

The jewelry shown to the right belong to the FirstGem collection. Click on an image for a closer look.

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What is a Planned Purchase?
What is a Planned Purchase?

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