Shedding Light on Gemstones

Light is the most important ingredient in finding the beauty in a gem. Light brings the gemstone's color and clarity properties to the eye. Light can reveal the truth about a gemstone. Light can also be used to enhance that truth.

Low or medium quality gemstones are often used in jewelry. And if the buyer knows this and is happy, then this practice is quite acceptable. The trade in jewelry is a matter of commerce and many retail buyers are comfortable purchasing jewelry at modest price points. Simply stated, very high quality gemstones are very expensive just because there are not enough of these stones to go around.

The importance of light and how you use light to make your purchase decision cannot be ignored. Sales presentation images are often created with lighting circumstances in which you will rarely find yourself. And that often means that the first magic you felt may vanish as you wear the piece later when the lights are not so bright.

Buying gems and jewelry from a video image or from a photographic image alone is a gamble at best, and the buyer must be very careful. Under these circumstances, the reputation of the seller is critical. If you cannot examine the gem for yourself, then you must carefully examine return policies, warranties and claims. Express your agreement to purchase only after you feel that you are fully committed.

I do not recommend to anyone outside of the trade that they buy a gemstone for its investment value, even on the advice of an expert. The very best reason to buy a gemstone is because you enjoy its beauty.

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The Four C's

Color, clarity, carat weight, and cut all contribute to define the uniqueness and value of each gemstone. No single attribute of a gemstone determines whether a gemstone has value. Quality and value come from a harmonious and balanced combination of these attributes. High quality and high value come from rare and very desirable combinations of these attributes. To learn more, follow these links:

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