Quality gemstones are cut to reveal the best attributes of the gemstone crystal. No less skill is involved in cutting colored gemstones as is involved with cutting diamonds but the task is slightly different.

The diamond cutter seeks to make a cut that will return the maximum brilliance of light. The gemstone cutter seeks to make a cut that will return the maximum luster of color and splendor of clarity, each in radiant and harmonious balance with the other.

Of course, the colored gemstone cutter seeks to leave as much of the crystal in one single piece as possible. But cutting natural stones for maximum carat weight is a problem if that focus on size sacrifices the potential of beauty from color and clarity.

The experienced gemstone cutter must make many decisions with each stone. The relative depth or shallowness of a gem's pavilion and crown or dome may be determined by the saturation and purity of color in the crystal and by the ability of certain types of light to pass through that color to produce the best radiance.

After the stone is cut, the color should appear consistent and even (most difficult with rubies and sapphires). The cut should eliminate or minimize the appearance of inclusions. The faceted cut of quality gemstones is highly symmetrical and highly polished with clean well defined lines, no scratches, no nicks, and no chips.

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Color, clarity, carat weight, and cut all contribute to define the uniqueness and value of each gemstone. No single attribute of a gemstone determines whether a gemstone has value. Quality and value come from a harmonious and balanced combination of these attributes. High quality and high value come from rare and very desirable combinations of these attributes. To learn more, follow these links:

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