The AntikGem Collection

Fine gems of richly colored iridescence framed in antique patinas of delicate filigreed gold tell of distant times and places with subtle elegance.

The pieces of the AntikGem Collection have been selected for their extraordinary blending of quality craftsmanship and unusually compelling gemstones and gold in designs that continue to define the origins of today's fashion trends.

The fine jewelry of the AntikGem Collection is a reflection of another time. These pieces are heirloom quality links to a gracious past.

The AntikGem Collection is about legacies and traditions. The Collection is about the first gem that is passed from a parent to a child. And then again, to the next generation beyond.

The spirit of this collection and its antique elegance is found in a less complicated time. It is the expression of our long-held values and our family foundations.

The pieces of the AntikGem Collection may be worn and enjoyed at any place and at any time.

I welcome your comments and your questions regarding the AntikGem Collection. Send them by email to Jennifer Praditamas at FirstGem. Or call. Inquiries from the trade are also welcome.

The jewelry shown to the right belong to the AntikGem collection. Click on an image for a closer look.

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What is a Planned Purchase?

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